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*Platinum Members receive a 25% discount and Gold Members receive a 15% discount from the full priced golf memberships. Platinum membership is available to the first 250 members and Gold to the next 100 members.

All members of the Hidden Valley Golf & Country Club will receive a 10% discount on food purchases (Bar & Bistro). A 20% discount will apply to food purchases from the snack menu until 3pm each day.

A $250 re-entry fee may be payable (in the future) for a former member who re-joins. The member will then be charged a pro-rata annual membership fee for the next period. All prices include GST.


PAYMENT OPTIONS – N.B. Membership Financial Year runs from OCTOBER - SEPTEMBER


Further Information


  • Membership fees must be paid at the time of application. If your membership application is not approved, all fees will be refunded in full. If you have applied online via the “Join Now” button, we will contact you to process your payment by EFT (Visa & Mastercard are accepted).
  • Instalment arrangements are available which must be paid 3 monthly in advance by Direct Debit from Credit PRIOR to expiration of current period (if choosing to pay by Debit or Credit Card, please complete the Direct Debit Authority Form).


Please Note for all Direct Debits there is an annual $60 administration fee


  • New members who join during the financial year pay a pro-rata fee.  Direct Debit from Credit Card is still an option.
  • A member can apply for absentee at any time during their membership, this will incur a $150 fee.  Members can use this option if they become ill or will be away for an extended period of time due to holiday or work commitments.  This will give a member credit for the time period they are away.
  • Children under 16 years MUST be supervised by an adult.
  • Golf carts are restricted to licenced drivers.



For full terms and conditions regarding Membership, please contact our Team at Reception  (03) 4701 0000